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Matthew LaBosco

Matthew LaBosco has been deeply entrenched in the health and wellness fields for over 20 years. His father was a medical doctor and mother a nurse practitioner. Matthew experienced the benefits of having immediate access to medical professionals and learned about its limitations. Matthew himself has navigated five orthopedic surgeries before the age of 23, periods of depression, and various systemic inflammatory ailments. He realized at an early age that the solutions provided by the medical model never addressed the cause, but just bought some time until the next treatment. Through his personal experience and supporting thousands of individuals over the years in his private practice, online courses, and weekend workshops, he developed an entirely new paradigm that gave himself and his clients access to sustainable Vitality physically, systemically, and mentally.

Although Matthew has formal education with a degree in Psychology from Rutgers College, he knew he needed to go outside of the traditional educational model to find what he was seeking. In additional to investing over a hundred thousand dollars in courses and certifications, he apprenticed and studied with top clinicians in the fields of Physical Rehabilitation, Psychology, Nutritional Science, and Personal Development from all over the country. All of these individuals were operating outside of the traditional paradigm and creating sustainable results for their clients and patients, that no one else was able to do. Matthew sincerely believes that everyone deserves and has the capacity to live their best life and has dedicated his life to giving the public the tools to make that possible.

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